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Brief description of the surface treatment process of galvanized platform steel grating

The platform steel grille is a kind of steel product which is formed by welding the flat steel and the cross bar. After the welding is completed, the surface is treated to prevent surface rust. This surface treatment is called galvanizing. While galvanizing is divided into hot-dip galvanizing and cold-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing is longer than cold-galvanizing, so hot-dip galvanized platform steel grid applications are very common. The following small series explains the process of galvanizing the surface of the steel grating.
Brief description of the surface treatment process of galvanized platform steel grating
1. Pretreatment: The welded plate steel grid original plate is polished to remove welding slag, welding wire and oil stains.
2. Pickling: The pretreated platform steel grid is pickled, and the pickling time must be sufficient.
3. Washing: The acid-washed platform steel grating original plate is washed with water, mainly to wash off the foam and impurities remaining on the galvanized ditch cover during the pickling process.
4. Co-plating: The water-washed platform steel grid is placed in the plating bath for a certain period of time.
5. Drying: Remove the platform steel grille inside the plating tank and dry it.
6. Hot-dip galvanizing: Put the dried platform steel grille into the hot-dip galvanizing pot for repeated vibration to ensure that every corner of the galvanized ditch cover is soaked by zinc liquid.
7. Cooling: Remove the platform steel grille from the hot dip galvanizing pot into a cooling bath for cooling.
8. Washing: The cooled hot dip galvanized platform steel grid is washed with water.
9. Passivation: Passivate the water-washed platform steel grid.
10. Washing: The passivated platform steel grid is washed again.
11. Drying: Dry the washed steel platform grille.
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