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Cast Iron Drainage Ditch Cover Manufacturer

As a Cast iron drainage ditch cover Manufacturer, share with you.

Cast iron drainage ditch cover is also mainly used for drainage facilities of municipal roads and general roads, factory drainage ditch covers, basement drainage ditch, general construction drainage facilities and inspection well facilities. The price is cheap, but it is brittle, easy to rust, and easy to be stolen.
Cast iron drainage ditch cover use:
Cast iron drainage ditch cover is mainly used in general load-bearing areas and residential areas. In order to solve the theft problem, many cast iron trench covers with locks have been developed. Although the anti-theft problem has been improved to a certain extent, sometimes someone smashes the cover and steals it, or because it uses a universal lock key, Cannot prevent professional theft. And often the lock is rusty and affects the opening. The cost has risen further, bringing economic and use difficulties to users.

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