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China Steel Stair Tread Manufacturers

Steel Stair Tread Description:
The tread plate is also called a stair tread plate, a steel ladder tread plate and a ladder pedal. It is a kind of stair plate for the platform. The installation method has two types: welding connection and bolt connection. The welded fixed tread plate can be directly welded to the ladder on the beam. The welded fixed tread plate is directly welded to the ladder beam, and the side plate of the tread plate is not required to be added. It is relatively economical and durable but not easy to disassemble. The bolted tread plate needs thickened side plates on both sides, and the side plate is drilled. The installation is fixed directly by bolts and can be recycled and reused.

Steel Stair Tread Features:
1.Steel Stair Treads are a time and cost saving alternative that simplifies your stair and catwalk or mezzanine platform project.  Custom fabricated sizes are available in Steel Stair Treads, Galvanized Stair Treads, Aluminum Stair Treads and Stainless Stair Treads and Grip Strut Treads.

2.Steel Stair Treads can have temporary or permanent use, they are anti-slip so they can be used outdoors and they are also ideal for wet areas. As a galvanized and checkered plate steel treads supplier, we provide steel stair treads for a wide range of applications and industries.

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