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Closed Bar Grating For Sale

Closed Bar Grating Description:
Closed Bar Grating is usually made of carbon steel, and the appearance of hot galvanizing can prevent oxidation. It can also be made of stainless steel. The steel plate has the performance of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti skid, explosion proof and so on.
Closed steel grating is one kind of steel grating with frame, also said with the closed end. That means the length and the width of the steel grating can be produced according to customers' requirement. Such as 1mx1m,1mx2m,1mx3m,2mx3m and so on. Steel bar grating is a good choice for strength, safety, long-term cost and durability.
There is a type of steel bar grating, which has closer bearing bar spacing for heavy duty and special requirements applications, that is close mesh steel grating. Compared with standard steel bar grating, close mesh steel bar grating has higher load capacity and can be used in more applications.
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