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Double Ninth Day, Respect and Respect the Elderly

The Double Ninth Festival, which is the 9th day of September in the lunar calendar, is also called "September 9th". In ancient times, "nine" was often designated as the number of yang. On September 9th, two nines were heavy, so it was called "Chongyang". As early as the Warring States Period, the Double Ninth Festival had begun to take shape, and various sacrificial activities began to celebrate the harvest of the year. In the Wei and Jin Dynasties, countless literati and poets rushed to recite, which made the festival atmosphere of Double Ninth Festival to a higher level. Until the Tang Dynasty, the Double Ninth Festival was officially designated as a folk festival. In 1889, the Double Ninth Festival was designated as the "Old People's Day", advocating the establishment of a social atmosphere of respecting, respecting, loving and helping the elderly in the whole society. In 2006, the State Council included the Double Ninth Festival in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

Double Ninth Day, Respect and Respect the Elderly

The beautiful meaning of the Double Ninth Festival is: long life, health and longevity, gratitude and respect for the elderly, and admiration of autumn.

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