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Grating Stair Treads Manufacturers

Stair Treads are made from our standard grating sizes but with added mounting plates and a non-slip nosing. Grating type stair treads work especially well in wet industries as it allows for the pass-through of liquids, preventing slippery surfaces and staircases.
Safety grating stair treads are fabricated-to-size and available in all our safety grating walking surfaces. In many cases, the side margin of the formed channel of the tread serves as a defined visible nosing. Welded carrier plates with pre-punched holes allow for rapid installation to stair stringers.
A bar grating stair tread is a series of bearing bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at various intervals to form a load-bearing panel designed for use as a step. Stair treads are manufactured with defined visible nosings and pre-punched end carrier plates or angles, ready for bolting to stair stringers.
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