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Technical requirements for open steel grating are:

1, according to the request of the buyer, the steel grating can be delivered without binding.

2. Single-sided fillet welding with weld height not less than the thickness of bearing flat steel is adopted for the edge of steel grille, and the weld length should not be less than 4 times the thickness of bearing flat steel.

3. Under the condition that the cladding plate does not accept the load, the allowable distance is four load-bearing flat steel welded one place, but the distance must not be greater than 150 mm.

4. Under the condition of receiving the load on the side plate, the distance welding is not allowed. The side plate with the same bearing steel must be welded with each bar.

5. Notches and openings beyond the 180mm of the steel grate should be treated by wrapping.

6. The end plate of the stair tread should be welded at least on one side.

7, stair treads, if there is a front edge wrap, must go through the whole step.

8. Bearing flat steel can be flat steel with rectangular section, section I or other geometric section.

9. Bearing flat steel of steel grating, which can be provided with tooth profile to increase the anti-skid force of steel grille, should not be less than 5 teeth per 100 mm.

10. The minimum width of the steel grate on the platform (walkway) should not be less than 300mm

open steel grating

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