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Hot Sale Standard Steel Grating

The Standard Steel Grating should meet the standard size and size required by the supply contract. The performance of the steel grille is tested. The manufacturer should take samples periodically to test the load performance of the product. The manufacturer should also provide inspection, test report and quality certificate based on the user's requirements.

Check the packing of steel grating plate. In general, steel grille plates will be packed with steel strips when they are factory. The weight of each bundle is up to the customer's requirements. Before the factory agrees to supply and demand, the supplier will pack according to customer's requirements.

The packing marks of steel grating should also be inspected. Labels should be marked with trademark or manufacturer code, steel grille plate type and standard number. Each steel grille plate should be numbered. The product quality certificate should indicate steel grade, model specification, standard number, surface treatment, appearance and the nature of the steel grille plate.

In addition, the steel grating quality certificate should be packaged with the same batch of products, and delivered to the customer as a basis for acceptance.

Hot Sale Standard Steel Grating

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