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Process characteristics of tooth-shaped anti-skid flat steel for steel grating

Hot-rolled ground non-slip galvanized flat steel is one of the key raw materials for the processing and manufacturing of galvanized gratings. The galvanized grid plate is assembled into a grid pattern plate by galvanized flat steel electric welding and welding. After hot-dip galvanizing, it is commonly used for power stations, boiler plants, chemical companies, and highway power communication channels. Boards, car paint booths, road facilities and other levels have the advantages of solidity, beauty and natural ventilation. However, traditional anti-slip steel plates with nets have been gradually replaced by galvanized grid plates because of defects such as easy deformation, poor ventilation, easy water corrosion, and difficult construction.

 In order to make the galvanized grid plate have the anti-skid effect of the ground, one or both sides of the galvanized flat steel are made to have a certain specified tooth profile, that is, the ground anti-skid galvanized flat steel, which has the anti-skid effect on the ground in the application. The key to the galvanized grid plate is made of galvanized flat steel by electric welding. During the connection, it is connected with peach crisp steel to fix the fixed interval and improve the compressive strength. It is polished to remove thorns, hot-dip galvanized and other production and processing processes. Manufactured into specifications, models and specifications. At this stage, due to the development trend of my country's economic and social development, the application of galvanized grid panels in various fields has long been widely used.

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