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Shuangyi 10th Anniversary Promotion

Tenth Anniversary of Anping Shuangyi Metal Mesh Co., Ltd.

"An atmosphere of joy can infect people, and the power of passion can move people."

At the 10th anniversary celebration of shuangyi, we witnessed the joy, passion and imagination of Shuangyi employees. I often want to seek an ideal state of team building. Today, at the 10th anniversary celebration of shuangyi, I seem to have found the answer: passion, joy, gratitude and imagination. Due to the spontaneous organization of all employees, spontaneous arrangement, spontaneous action is finally implemented to a short two-hour stage performance. But in the past ten years, the bosses started from scratch and started their own businesses with bare hands, which had experienced arduous development and mental journey, the willingness, unrepentant dedication and return of the employees who had worked hard and worked hard in the company for more than ten years, and the pride of past achievements and the passion and imagination of founding a hundred-year foundation in the future on the tenth anniversary of the company's development. I remember the two lines of slogans beside the rostrum: "The talents of the world gather together for ten years to sharpen a sword and lay the foundation for a hundred years of imagination for what is hard to achieve all over the world." I think this is not only the announcement of the boss, but also the dream of all the staff of the Shuangyi team. During the whole celebration process, the enthusiasm on the faces of all employees, the happy smiles, the feelings and sentiments from the heart are all true portrayals of these. I believe that with such employees, such leadership, such a team atmosphere and corporate culture, there is no reason not to develop, no reason not to be unsuccessful. I am especially convinced that under the inspiration of such an atmosphere, employees'efforts will be sincere and happy. Returning to the viewpoint of human resources: "Man is the most precious wealth of an enterprise"

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