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The Application of Steel Grating

Steel grating is a common steel structure. It is made of load-bearing flat steel and twisted square steel by pressure welding. The surface is galvanized and has strong stability and corrosion resistance. With its unique advantages and characteristics, it is used in industrial manufacturing, ship transportation, life community and other fields.

1. In daliy life, our common drainage ditch cover is also a kind of steel grating. It has two kinds of galvanized and cast iron. The main function is to drain and bear the load. It can basically be seen wherever there is a drainage ditch. When it comes to it, there are still some buildings that use steel ladder treads to provide convenience for people's lives.

2. There are also steel gratings in the field of industrial production, and they play a great role. Like some sewage treatment plants and power plants, they are generally used as platform treads. They are clean and environmentally friendly. The surface is galvanized, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. Long and easy to install.

3. Some car beauty centers also have the application of steel grating, but generally it is FRP grating. Since car washing will produce a lot of sewage, it needs to have a good drainage effect, no water and dirt, and FRP grating is also corrosion-resistant. It is a car. The first choice of beauty shop.

4. Steel grilles are also used in the parking lots of some hotels or shopping malls. In order to save land costs, steel grilles are used to build high-rise buildings to meet the parking of small cars, reducing costs, and galvanizing treatment can prolong the service life of grilles.

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