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Types and distinctions of steel gratings

Variety and distinction of steel grating
The steel grating is placed on the high-pressure electric resistance welder by the load flat steel and the cross bar at a certain distance, and the original plate is welded on the high-voltage electric resistance welder. After deep processing, such as cutting, cutting, opening, and edging, the finished product is requested by the customer.
Steel grating variety:
According to the manufacturing technology, the steel grating is made of pressure-welded steel grating and pressure-locked steel grating; according to the quotation calculation formula of steel grating
The component of the steel grating is the theoretical component after being processed by the edging and appearance (not externally processed). Because the edging, opening and blocking are different, the internship component and the theoretical component will be different. In the industrial route heat steel grid weight calculation and steel grid settlement, the theoretical component is used as the basis for accounting. For steel gratings with a length of less than 1 m, such as trench slabs, it may be necessary to lay out the steel gratings, because the addition of the edging panels will be added. When using a flat ladle (interpretation: the ladle is used in the steelmaking plant for pouring operations), when the length of the steel grating is not less than 1 m, the theoretical component of the steel grating is calculated according to the following formula:
Wt=(b1t1N1+b2t2N2+2b3t3)ρμ×10-6..................(1) where: Wt—steel plate component in kilograms per square meter (kg/m2); t1—bearing flat steel Width, in millimeters (mm); b1—bearing flat steel thickness in millimeters (mm); N1—number of flat steel bars per meter of steel grating; t2—crossbar width in millimeters (mm); B2—the thickness of the crossbar in millimeters (mm); N2—the number of transverse bars in each steel grating; t3—the width of the covered flat steel in millimeters (mm); b3--the thickness of the covered flat steel, The unit is millimeter (mm); ρ—data density (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3), the unit is kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3); the density of steel (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3) is 7850kg. /m3 accounting; μ--external processing weight gain coefficient; hot dip zinc (zinc) weight gain by 1. Steel grating factory steel grid packaging, generally there are three packaging methods: packing belt baling, generally suitable for relatively neat steel grating; screw rod fixed, using 4 screw rods passed through the steel grid aperture, locked with screws Guarantee method; pallet guarantee, generally for export packaging. Mainly according to the customer's situation, if the goods are not much, and do not need to use forklift loading and unloading, generally bulk is more convenient. On the contrary, the goods are more and more, the general packaging using the forklift truck loading and unloading will be more convenient. In short, all for the convenience of the customer, the product will not be damaged during the transportation of the product. 06 accounting.
Identification method
Steel grating (1) Steel grating flat steel base distance: According to the series to distinguish: Series 1 is 30mm; Series 2 is 40mm; Series 3 is 60mm. The steel grating is an open steel member which is fixed by orthogonally supporting the flat steel and the cross bar at a certain interval and fixed by welding or pressure lock; the cross bar is generally made of twisted square steel or round steel. Or flat steel, the material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.
Steel grid crossbar base distance: Series 1 is 100mm, Series 2 is 50mm. The steel grid is cross-arranged by flat steel at a certain pitch and cross bar, and is welded by a pressure welding machine or artificially into a steel product with a square lattice in the middle. The steel grating is mainly used as a gutter cover. , steel structure platform board, step ladder of steel ladder, etc. The crossbar is generally made of twisted square steel. Other standards can be customized.
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