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What Are The Advantages Of Steel Grating

1. Material saving: The most economical way to withstand the same load conditions, and correspondingly, it can reduce the material of the supporting structure.
2. Reduce investment: save materials, save labor, save construction period, and avoid cleaning and maintenance.
3. Simple construction: Fix with bolt clamps or welding on the pre-installed support, which can be completed by one person.
4. Time saving: the product does not need to be reprocessed on site, and the installation is very fast.
5. Durable: Hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, with strong impact and heavy pressure resistance.
6. Modern style: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilated and light, giving people an overall smooth modern feeling.
7. Light structure: less materials, light structure, and easy to hoist.
Prevent accumulation of dirt: no accumulation of rain, ice, snow and dust.
8. Reduce wind resistance: due to good ventilation, wind resistance is small in case of strong wind, reducing wind damage.
9. Simple design: no need for small beams, simple structure, simplified design; no need to design detailed drawings of steel gratings, just indicate the model number, and the factory can design the layout drawing on behalf of the customer.
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