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Where To Buy Galvanized Bar Grating

Are you looking for high quality galvanized bar grating factory?Shuangyi is a professional galvanized bar grating manufacturer in China.

The galvanized bar grating, after the grating plate is produced, should be treated with rust prevention. There are 2 kinds of hot dip galvanizing (hot dip galvanizing) and galvanizing (cold galvanizing).
The grating is a steel grating plate alias, is to use steel according to certain spacing and cross arrangement, and welding for steel products with square lattice in the middle, mainly used to do ditch cover and steel platform plate, steel ladder step plate etc..
Galvanized bar graitng plate type:
1. Common type hot galvanizing bar gating plate
After carrying the flat steel cutting slot, the horizontal bar is pressed and formed.
The maximum machining height of the general type grille plate is 100mm.
The length of the grid plate is usually less than 2000mmm.
2. Holistic hot-dip galvanized grating
The load-bearing flat and horizontal bar have the same depth of slotting at the same height as the 1/2 of the load-bearing flat class.
The height of the grid plate is not more than 100mm.
The length of the grid plate is usually less than 2000mm.
3. Sunshade type hot-dip galvanized grating plate
The load-bearing flat steel is 30 or 45 degree inclined slot, and the slot bar flat steel is pressed and locked.
According to the different needs of grid plate spacing, other specifications can be completed, can use ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.
The height of the grid plate is less than 100mm.
4. Heavy load type hot-dip galvanized grid plate
The high flat class and the horizontal bar of the bar bite each other and compress under the pressure of 1200 tons.

It is suitable for span high bearing load.

If you need galvanized steel grating,stainless steel grating and so on.Please contact us.

Galvanized Bar Grating

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