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Wholesale Steel Walkway Grating

The steel walkway grating is also called steel grating walkway, grating platform walkway platform steel, steel plate series products, a wide range of applications, the General Factory, workshop, mining, ports, and various platforms can only beautiful appearance, simple installation, is a kind of new building materials. It can be added to the periphery of the welding kicking board (the edge plate), the plank board, and the accessories such as the connecting parts. It can be used to load flat steel with different specifications of flat steel, or with angle steel, channel steel, square tube and so on. It can also install knobs and hinges on steel walkway grating that need frequent movement or opening.

steel walkway grating

Steel walkway grating, platform walkway steel grating classification:
1 according to the welding method, it can be divided into the steel grid plate of pressure welding platform, the steel grid plate of the embedded platform, the steel grid plate with the lock type platform and the steel grid plate of the wear welding platform.
2 according to the shape of the side surface of its loaded flat steel, it can be divided into plane steel lattice plate, tooth type steel lattice plate and "work" type steel lattice plate, etc.
3 according to its use can be divided into: general purpose steel plate and specialized use of steel sheet, such as: gutter cover plate, step board, and so on
4 according to the distance of the loaded flat steel: two adjacent loaded flat steel center distance, commonly used 30MM, 40MM and 60MM three kinds.
5 according to the spacing of the bar: the center spacing of two adjacent bars is usually 50MM, 100MM, two.

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steel walkway grating


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