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Drainage Ditch Cover Made Of Mild Steel

The drainage ditch cover plate adopts the ditch (well) cover plate made of steel grating. There are a variety of models to choose from to suit different span loads and requirements.
The drainage ditch cover plate is widely used in different places such as municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, stadiums, etc. According to different applications, the surface of trench (well) cover plates of different specifications and models can be hot-dip galvanized, cold-galvanized (electroplated) or untreated.
Because the low-carbon steel drainage ditch cover is simple in construction, light weight, good load-bearing, impact-resistant, easy to bend and not bend, large displacement, beautiful and durable after hot-dip galvanizing, anti-corrosion, it has the incomparable advantages of cast iron cover. And it adopts hinge connection or hook connection, which is easy to open and has anti-theft function.
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