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What Are The Benefits Of Using Steel Grating In Power Plants

Now many power plants, the sump around the transformer has begun to use steel grating as a platform, so what are the benefits of using steel grating in power plants?
1. The price is cheap, and its price is more advantageous than some iron complexes.
2. The water leakage is serious, and the aperture of the steel grating is relatively large, which can effectively let the rain and snow water leak into the sewage tank.
3. Large carrying capacity. Sometimes maintenance equipment is used when repairing transformers. Due to its special structure, the steel grating of the power plant can reach 10 times and more than 100 times its own weight.
4. When cleaning the sewage tank, it can be removed, and it can be removed at will.
5. Easy to install, for quick installation or buckle fixing. In summary, steel gratings will be more widely used in power plants.
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