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Application Of Prefabricated Construction Roll

When the tooth profile of the ground non-slip galvanized flat steel is formed in the front hole of the finished product, in order to obtain the appropriate tooth height and tooth profile, the reduction is much higher than that of the general galvanized flat steel. When the medium nickel-chromium alloy roll EDM is used for production During forming or gold drilling, part of the protruding tooth profile of the front hole of the finished product is quickly damaged during manufacturing, resulting in unstable product quality and inability to organize mass production. Therefore, the design of the front hole of the finished product is a prefabricated construction roll. The gear pieces of the tooth profile are made of alloy products with good red force. According to the quenching and tempering treatment, the wear resistance of a part of the tooth profile is improved, the product quality and the reliability of manufacturing are improved, and the product cost is reduced.
The floor plan of the prefabricated building rolls uses the above basic principles to design the ground non-slip galvanized flat steel, which has the appropriate tooth profile and cross-section, and the production and quality are stable. At this stage, there is a certain sales market for sales in the Chinese market, and the floor is non-slip The development and design of galvanized flat steel made up for the blank pages in China and created the company's product implementation standards.
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