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The service life and use environment of steel parts

a) The corrosion resistance life of the galvanized layer, hot-dip galvanized layer, and electro-galvanized layer is proportional to the thickness of the coating. For parts that require a long corrosion resistance time, a thick galvanized layer should be selected, such as hot-dip galvanizing and Sherardizing.

b) The operating environment has a great influence on the service life of the infiltration (plating) layer. Generally, you can choose electro-galvanizing in the indoor environment. In the outdoor environment of the rural atmosphere, you can choose electro-galvanizing with thicker coating thickness (such as 25μm) and zinc infiltration with moderate infiltration layer thickness (such as 15~45μm). In industrial atmosphere and marine atmosphere For parts and structural parts used in the environment, the galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing layers with thicker infiltration (plating) layers should be selected. For parts and structural parts that are used in the hot and humid marine atmosphere and severely polluted industrial atmosphere or require the longest service life, a thicker hot-dip galvanized layer should be selected.

c) Generally, it is not recommended to use a sherardizing layer with a thickness greater than 85μm. The sherardizing layer above this thickness is more brittle, easy to peel and peel, so it requires a long service life, or under harsh conditions such as seawater. When used in the environment, a composite protection system of sherardizing + organic coating can be used, which can obtain a better protection effect than a single protection.

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