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China Trench Cover Suppliers

Shuangyi is one of the best trench cover suppliers  in China.We supply high quaity special-shaped drain cover,anti theft trench cover and so on.

Trench cover plate selection:
1. the direction of the flat steel in the groove cover is the bearing (support) direction, and the length of the flat steel is L according to the width of the ditch.
2. According to the trench cover long typesetting, the standard plate width 995mm which conforms to the processing modulus is taken, and the gap between the plates is 5mm.
3. ditch cover is less than 1 meters long remaining part of the fixed size number profiling;
4. The type of steel grating plate is selected according to the width of the ditch (cover) and the bearing requirement.
5. it is suggested that the standard size ditch cover plate should be selected for design and construction, and other specifications can be made.
1. the appearance is beautiful: the line is simple, the silver appearance, the modern trend.
2. the best drainage: the water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than two times the cast iron.
3. hot dip galvanizing: strong anti rust, maintenance free and replacement.
4. Anti-theft design: the cover and the frame are articulated with the hinges. The security, security, and the opening are convenient.
5. save investment: large span, heavy load, save the stolencrushed replacement costs than cast ironto.
6. high strength: strength and toughness far higher than cast iron, can be used in wharf, airport and other large span and heavy load environment.
7. many specifications: to meet the different environment, load, span, size and shape required.
The product has the advantages of simple construction, light weight, good bearing, shock resistance, bending, Ning do not discount the displacement of large, after hot dip galvanizing after corrosion, has the advantages of beautiful and durable, not like the iron plate. Hinges are connected or hook joins are used to make it easy to open and have the function of burglar proof.

If you need galvanized steel grating,stainless steel grating and so on.Please contact us.

China Trench Cover Suppliers


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