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High Quality Trench Cover Manufacturer

What is the unique performance of the high quality trench cover?
Anping County Shuangyi Metal Mesh Co.,Ltd is high quality trench cover manufacturer in hebei province. Welcome you visit our factory!
1. high thermal conductivity, can quickly take away the heat produced when drilling, reduce the temperature of the bit.
2. its own composition does not contain resin, otherwise the hole will be greasy when drilling.
3. the hardness requirements, a certain surface hardness to prevent the burr on the surface of the hole, but too hard will wear the drill bit.
4. thickness and tolerance requirements. The uneven surface will affect the drill hole.
5. there must be a certain rigid plate prevent fibrillation drill, but also have certain elasticity, when the drill bit at the moment of contact deformation, the drill bit is accurately aligned drilling position, ensure precise drilling position.

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Trench Cover Manufacturer


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