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Do you have any attention to the surface treatment of the trench cover?

The trench cover is generally made of black sheet material. In industrial applications, the trench cover is generally treated with external maintenance. The surface of the trench cover is treated by hot dip galvanizing, cold dip galvanizing, spraying, spraying or not spraying.
The trench cover is the most widely used. The hot dip galvanized trench cover has strong corrosion resistance and is widely used in industries, construction, metallurgy and minerals, communication channels, skill channels, washing workshops, workshops, stairs, etc., and can be used in normal environment for 5-8 years. Ditch cover, etc.
Features of the trench cover: high strength, light structure, beautiful appearance, durable, hot dip galvanized surface treatment, so that it has quite good anti-corrosion ability, beautiful appearance; ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid function; Sewage.
In addition, cold-dip galvanized steel grid is generally used indoors, cold-dip galvanized steel grid has the appearance of bright light, low-cost products, but the corrosion resistance is not as strong as the hot-dip galvanized trench cover, more for indoor pedals Application, can be produced according to customer requirements.
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