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Stainless steel gratings are widely used

With regard to the screening equipment, the stainless steel grating has been born and has been used in the treatment of sewage. Usually, in many industrial plants, such a set of equipment will be acquired. Of course, what is the basis of this grid? What about the features?
Feature 1: The degree of automation is completed, the separation power is high, and the separation characteristics are diversified. As such a grid board began to enter the mall, mainly used in the treatment of sewage, so the role of separation is also the key location of this information, improve the power of this operation, gradually It has been greatly recognized in the mall, which has improved the advantage of entering this kind of information in the mall. Nowadays, the birth of stainless steel gratings is mainly used in water treatment special equipment. In the urban construction process, of course, it is widely used in urban sewage treatment, which has improved the technical advantages in this area and achieved diversification. The use of this kind of information is also a popular location in the mall, improving the advancement of skills and skills, and achieving a variety of skill characteristics, which is the characteristics of this grid data.
Feature 2: Power consumption is small, there is no noise. As a technical point of view, this kind of noiseless working state is also relatively small in terms of driving force for power, so it can be said that this stainless steel grating is attributed to a brand-new equipment with low energy consumption and low cost. The role is good and trustworthy. As such a sewage treatment system, such a plate plays an important role, and is also capable of reducing the critical location of industrial sewage. Achieving the country's skill specifications, the emergence of such equipment, is popular in industrial production.
Feature 3: The skill content of stainless steel gratings has reached a new role in solid waste in the sewage treatment system, so this is the best working power in this operation process without manual guarding. It is a reliable sewage treatment system equipment. With the development of scientific skills, this kind of grille materials has begun to take advantage of the advantages of sewage treatment in textile mills, food processing plants, paper mills, and tanneries. Stainless steel gratings are attributed to China's most advanced solid and One of the screening devices between liquids improves the role and function of industrial sewage treatment, and can thoroughly treat such sewage, which improves the filtration and separation.

With the wide application of stainless steel gratings, the welding of stainless steel gratings is particularly important. The welding deformation of stainless steel gratings seriously affects the quality and application of welding. It is complex and diverse. The most common deformations are mainly related to lateral shortening, longitudinal shortening, tortuous deformation and warpage. In the process of welding stainless steel gratings, the influence of the materials, geometry and specifications of the plates and the binding conditions are taken into consideration. Together, the welding skills and welding parameters should be included in the scale of the influencing factors. Specifically, the resistance of the stainless steel sheet to resist the destabilizing deformation and the critical load it can accept mainly correspond to the amount of planning and geometry of the selected sheet itself, and the residual stress of the two joints is unstable. Intimate contact with the methods and parameters selected for welding. Overall, the selection of reasonable planning and manufacturing will significantly reduce or eliminate the welding distortion of stainless steel gratings.


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