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Do you know how to maintain the stair treads later?

How to maintain the maintenance method in the late stage of the stair tread:
1. Stair tread plate steel grating production, and become the steel grate itself can not be exposed to the sun and the temperature difference is too large, if the steel grate production does not meet the conditions. So the effect of the stair treads, stair treads to avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, or steep room temperature. For these reasons, premature aging of the tread coating can result.
2, pedals, stair railings, often in contact with people, which means to understand that these places have a shorter life than other components, so often with special wax or floor wax protection. In addition, some tread plate coatings are light-curing coatings that wear, but its wear resistance is relative, and part of it also has a certain life. In order to avoid the wooden tire tread being used for a period of time in the center of the stairs corridor covered with carpet, the color choice is severely worn by the owner himself. This not only protects the stairs, but it also embodies the entire space to some extent. Wooden stairs are prone to moisture, deformation, cracking, peeling paint, and other phenomena. Metal stairs, wooden components, metals that are not considered to be rusting, metal rust and rust. In fact, in our daily life, stairs do not use a lot of water to scrub, just use a spray cleaner on their surface, Then, wipe it with a soft cloth.
3. The tread is accidentally immersed in water, it should be wiped off as soon as possible, and let it dry, without using an electric heater or drying or sun exposure. We regularly check the pedals and check the joints of the parts to prevent loosening or insect rot. When the stairs are installed, although the engineers, they have been closely linked together as a whole, may change all components due to slight physical changes in temperature and humidity. The composition of wooden stairs, metal or other materials is usually damaged by wear, collapse, insects or mold damage, of course, these are repaired by professionals. But more importantly, pre-maintenance, proper maintenance can greatly extend the life of the stair treads.
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