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What are the requirements for quality and technology of the original steel grating?

Analyze the requirements of the original steel plate for quality and technology. The original steel plate is the steel plate welding machine. It is not hot-dip galvanized and cut after the welding. Some customers need such semi-products to go back after themselves. Processing and reproduction. Generally, semi-finished products are sold to foreign markets. The dealer will cut the original board as stock according to the needs of its customers and the specific application conditions, and cut it, galvanize it, and sell it as a product. This can save the processing time and increase the packing amount to reduce the freight cost.
The original steel grating is generally 1mx6m, 1mx5.8m. The surface is hot-dip galvanized or untreated, the 6m steel grating is suitable for 40-foot containers, and the 5.8m suitable for 20-foot containers. The width and length can also be adjusted according to the needs of the customer. Applicable to engineering site cutting and sales and dealers for sale. The original board is divided into edging and non-enveloping type. This is done according to the requirements of the customer. If it is used for cutting and opening, it is recommended not to edging, which will save the cost. The original packaging is usually packed into bundles, and then placed with fumigated wood between the bundles for loading and unloading, or as a chassis.
The welding method is pressure welding. The height of the solder joint is not higher than 1.5mm on the upper end surface of the flat steel; the weld seam is full, the appearance of the weld seam needs to be smooth, there is no virtual welding phenomenon, the product can not have welding gap, try to avoid the phenomenon of acid water at the weld seam, such as more severe, Need to change the product.
According to the customer's request, the nameplate should be welded on the original board, and the welding position should be common (co-welded in the upper right corner or upper left corner, try to make the nameplate flush with the upper surface of the twisted steel). If the spacing of the twisted steel is 100mm, the four-point spot welding; if the spacing of the twisted steel is 50mm, the nameplate is spanned over a twisted steel and welded at six points.


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