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Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Grating wholesale

Hot-dip galvanized steel grating: Also known as hot-dip galvanized steel grating, is a kind of grating products after hot-dip galvanized after the production of steel grating. Steel grating plate is the original plate which is welded on high-voltage resistance welding machine according to the warp and weft arrangement of bearing flat steel and cross bar at a certain distance. It is further processed by cutting, cutting, opening and edge-wrapping to meet customer's requirements. Zinc plating can be divided into several types: mechanical plating (barrel plating), electroplating (cold galvanizing), hot dipping. Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most important methods for surface treatment of steel grilles. Hot-dip galvanized steel grilles have excellent anticorrosive properties. Hot-dip galvanized steel gratings and hot-dip galvanized steel gratings are the same products, there is no difference, just different statements. Purchase steel grille, choose Anping County Shuangyi Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in exporting hot-dip galvanized steel gratings, strictly in accordance with customer requirements. Welcome to consult!

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Grating
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