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Compound Steel Grating manufacturer

Composite steel grating is a new product of steel gratings, which is composed of steel grating with certain transverse bearing capacity and pattern steel plate with surface sealing. Composite steel grating can be made up of any type of steel grille and chemically corrugated steel plates of different thickness.

1. Select the material of composite steel grille according to the specific use environment. Usually Q235 low carbon steel is used in our factory.

2. Surface treatment of steel grille (hot-dip galvanizing, cold-dip galvanizing and no treatment).

3. Choose the appropriate steel grille products according to the size of the required load.

4. Appropriate thickness of pattern board. Explain the size and quantity of composite steel grille, and indicate the direction of composite steel grille (that is, flat steel direction). If it is widely used, it is better to provide relevant information for typesetting design.

5. Composite steel gratings are generally rationally laid out according to the width of the pattern plate, and of course they are mainly considered from the aesthetic direction of the product.


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