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How to avoid deformation during welding of stainless steel grid plate

Stainless steel grid plate refers to the grid plate produced by the raw material enterprises that use Chinese stainless steel products for flat steel and connecting rods. There are many different materials such as 304 and 316L. The production of stainless steel grid plate is a relatively strict process for the development of welding construction technology. In the production management process, how we can effectively avoid problems such as warped corners, unevenness, and poor welding through operational capabilities is a relatively large issue. The deformation of the welding structure of the stainless steel grid plate seriously affects the quality and usability of the welding work, and has a certain degree of complexity and diversity. Common deformations are mainly related to transverse shrinkage, longitudinal shrinkage, bending deformation, and warping.

During the welding process of stainless steel grid plate, we need to fully consider the influence of different plate materials, geometric structure shape and size, and constraint conditions. At the same time, we must also include the traditional welding process and welding parameters into the research scope of influencing social factors. Under management. Specifically, the resistance of the stainless steel plate to resist the instability deformation and the critical load it can bear are mainly corresponding to the design-related quantities such as the selected plate material and the geometric model shape. The residual stress of the system instability caused by welding It is closely related to the welding methods and parameters.

First of all, it is necessary to avoid deformation of the stainless steel grid plate from the beginning and control the selection of materials. The choice of material, stainless steel mesh plate is excellent, can not buy flat steel raw materials, or too much raw material impurities, some small factories must control the welding process is a relatively big test.

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