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Process Method For Welding Stainless Steel Grid Plate

1. The stainless steel grid plate reduces the distortion of technical measures during the welding process. The following two aspects should be paid attention to in the welding process. The minimized longitudinal force becomes the plastic pressure generated during the heating phase. Plastic compressive muscle force longitudinally includes: pre-tensioning force (mechanical stretching and preset temperature), equivalent method of reducing heat input (the various cooling sides of the welding fixture use previously deposited heat-absorbing substances) and cooling uniformly preheating Gradient method. B. Cooling, wherein the temperature difference between the dynamic binding clips includes stretching (and cold welding) and static temperature difference during stretching to maximize longitudinal tensile plastic strain.

2. Control and management measures for the deformation process of stainless steel grid plate after welding. The most scientific method is to use multi-point heating method to correct the convex and concave deformation problems caused by the stainless steel grid plate. Generally, in this case, the diameter of the heating point is not less than 15mm, and the distance between the heating point and the heating point should be able to According to the size of the deformation of different plates, it is within the range of 50-100mm under the influence of normal conditions. Through the traditional heat treatment method of eliminating residual stress after welding to overcome the deformation of steel welded working components, the research results show that in order to better prevent the springback deformation of the stainless steel sheet after welding, and stably increase the size of the components, through some gap samples, After slats, plate specimens and other methods do not require welding, the post-weld heat treatment technology on the component information can effectively overcome the deformation of the plate welding.

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