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Press locked Steel Grating Suppliers

Press-locked steel grating also can be called pressure locked grating, it is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel.
Presslocked Steel Grating has strong joints, hole spacing uniformity, smooth surface, beautiful and practical design of lightweight, high-strength anticorrosion and maintenance free etc., are widely used in civil and commercial buildings, theaters, Metro, suburban railway and municipal engineering field, can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, ceiling decoration, walkways, ventilation Windows platform (wells), and various advertising plaque cover etc.. The grating has strong solder joint, uniform hole spacing, smooth web surface, beautiful and practical design. It is both used and artwork. Over the years, hundreds of varieties have been developed and sixteen export products have been favored by customers. It’s widely used in building hall, theater, store ceiling or interior decoration, and also used for platform walkway.
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