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Stainless steel grating is the material is stainless steel plate, its production process with ordinary steel plate is similar, but it does not need to use spray or hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, but the surface polishing treatment to remove the welding process of the welding slag or leave a scar.
Material :
Stainless steel grating plates can be made from 304, 201, 316, 316L, 310, 310S and other materials.
The machine uses high pressure resistance pressure welding pressure welding machine, manipulator automatic bar will across the flat are evenly arranged on the strong electric power and hydraulic pressure pressure welding in steel flat bar, which can be solid solder joint quality steel plate, high strength and stability.
Light weight, high strength, large load capacity, saving material economy, ventilation and light transmission, modern style, beautiful appearance, skid proof safety, easy to clean, easy to install, and durable.
Stainless steel grating used Power plant, chemical plant, refinery, iron and steel plant, machinery manufacturing plant, shipbuilding plant, paper mill, cement plant, medicine, food processing plant, bridge engineering and municipal engineering project.

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Stainless steel grating


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