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Swage Steel Grating For Sale

The Swage steel grating is also known as the "ditch cover" and "the sand well cover plate". The "well head" is made of cement and cast iron at first. After its normal use, it is easy to damage and the cost of replacement is large. The swage steel grating plate is made by pressure welding, so that it has the advantages of simple installation, light weight, good load bearing, strong impact resistance and excellent drainage. The product surface is hot and galvanized, and it is beautiful, rust proof and anticorrosive, and has the advantages of cast iron ditch cover plate.
Outstanding features:
1. The use of hot dip galvanizing surface treatment: strong rust resistance.
2. Advanced domestic cover design: the ditch cover made of steel grating is connected with the hinges of the frame. It is safe, safe and convenient to open.
3. The appearance of the product is beautiful: simple line, silver appearance, modern idea
4. The net hole has the best drainage: the water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than two times that of the cast iron.
5. Saving material saving investment: large span, heavy load, low price than iron; and can save iron because the stolencrushed replacement cost.
6. The use of high-strength carbon steel, so that the grid steel has high strength: strength and toughness is far higher than cast iron, can be used for wharf, airport and other large span and heavy load environment.
7. Many products: to meet the different environment, load, span and shape required, can be provided according to the size and shape of the customer.

Our main products include galvanized bar grating,steel walkway grating and so on.If you are interested,please contact us.Swage Steel Grating For Sale


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