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Stair Tread Buy

Are you looking for stair tread?Do you know where to buy stair tread with high quality and low price?The stair tread is also called the staircase treadle board, the staircase step board and the ladder board. It is a staircase board for the platform. It is installed with two types of welding joint and bolt connection, and the fixed step board can be welded directly to the ladder beam.
Feature and use
(1) the installation of step boards is very simple and does not require complex installation.
(2) ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof and skid resistance are good.
(3) the stair treads has high strength, light structure and durability.
(4) the maintenance is very simple, prevent the dirt.
The use of the pedal is widely used in power plants, water plants, and other large-scale platforms, such as municipal engineering and sanitation engineering, such as platforms, aisles, theaters, visiting platforms, parking lots and other large ground platforms.

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