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Stair Treads Industrial

Are you looking for Stair Treads Industrial?Shuangyi is a good choice.Stair tread, It's also called the staircase.According to whether there is any connection between front guard plate and ladder beam, it can be divided into four forms: T1, T2, T3 and T4.

The step plate of a steel ladder is made of a stair treads (a steel plate is a metal product with a flat steel arranged in accordance with a certain distance and crossbar, and welded into a square lattice). The surface of the product is usually galvanized and galvanized. The staircase treadle is mainly used as an industrial platform, staircase board, railings, channel floor, railway bridge side road, high altitude tower platform, drain cover, well cover, road barrier, three-dimensional parking lot, organ, school, factory, enterprise, sports field, Les Loges Du Park Hotel's fence, and the outside window of the house, balcony guardrail, freeway, rail guardrail and other staircase pedals using steel grid A deep processed product combined with slip plate and side panel.
(1) according to the stair treads installation is divided into welding fixed ladder pedal and bolt ladder pedal. Among them, the welded and fixed ladder plate is steel grate, and the bolt fixed ladder pedal needs to add 65X5mm flat steel to the steel grid plate as the side plate.

(2) according to the slip requirements of steel ladder treadle, it can be divided into two kinds: ladder plate with front guard plate (pattern plate or bar steel) and steel ladder step board without front guard plate. For safety reasons, recommends that customers use the ladder step with front fender.

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Stair Treads Industrial

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