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Steps are widely used, such as various platforms, walkways, theaters, and parking lots. Steps can actually be divided into 3 types:
1. The skid tread has a strong anti-skid ability in wet and slippery places, offshore oil platforms, etc., and also has strong rust resistance, with very high strength and toughness. And its drainage and landscape are an important feature, which makes it the best choice for outdoor stairs. Such material treads are mainly flat teeth (usually Q235) and twisted steel (twisted square steel).
2. Stair treads, the main research purposes of this type of treads, we need to know the name very much. They can mainly be used as steps on steel ladders, and they are also referred to as ladder treads for short. It is designed by a combination of steel grating and anti-skid strip materials and deep-processing products of side panels.
3. There are two classifications of steel ladder treads. One is classified according to the installation situation, which can be divided into welded fixed ladder pedals and bolted fixed ladder pedals; the two are classified according to anti-skid requirements. It can be divided into steel ladder treads with front guards and steel ladder treads without front guards.
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