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Design Steps Of Steel Grating

Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for surrounding public facilities are getting higher and higher. As an important building material product, steel grating is used in more and more places because of its high-quality application strength scene.
The design steps of steel grating:
1. Analyze the drawings provided by the user and confirm the steel grating laying area.
2. Find the position and size of the steel beam supporting the steel grating in the laying area of the steel grating. If it is unavoidable to lay an ultra-safe span, the requirements for adding beams should be clearly indicated in the corresponding position on the drawing.
3. Draw the layout of the steel beam supporting the steel grating on the design drawings, and draw the position and size of all the equipment, pipelines and other obstacles that open on the steel grating on the layout drawing.
4. Pave the steel grating according to the laying principle of steel grating, and mark the plate number and external dimensions of the steel grating clearly and completely.
5. List the plate number, quantity, length, width and area of the steel grating in the material list, and indicate the technical requirements on the drawings. The technical requirements should include the relevant content in the title column.
6. Check carefully whether the position, size, shape and size of the steel girder supporting the steel grating are correct according to the drawings. Check whether the steel grating size, plate number, etc. are correct, and whether the schedule, title bar, and technical requirements are correct. After checking, the drawing is printed and the layout drawing of the steel grating is completed.
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