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Features Of Stainless Steel Grating

Stainless steel grille is very common in daily life. It can be installed on the sewer pipe to automatically block the debris in rainwater or sewage and prevent these debris from blocking the sewer. It is used for sewage disposal in many cities, and it is also used by water plants, power plants and other central governments. It plays the role of pre-screening in the process of sewage disposal. Our country currently uses this kind of stainless steel grille.

The stainless steel grid plate manufacturing process is produced by using a large program-controlled pressure resistance welding machine. The twisted square steel is pressed into the side standing flat steel according to a certain interval and row pitch, and finally the plate-like appearance is rectangular hole. Grid plate. Different materials have different anti-corrosion capabilities.

The scope of application of stainless steel grating is so common because of its many advantages. It is light in weight, but strong in strength and load-bearing performance. In addition, its light transmission and slip resistance are also very good, and it is easier to clean. The material is good and durable, which is very economical and cost-effective.

The automatic differentiation level of the stainless steel grating is also very high, and the power required for use is small, and it can work continuously and stably for a period of time under unsupervised conditions. When we install it, we will also set up a protective installation for it to ensure that it can be cut when it is started to prevent greater problems with the equipment.

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