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What are the commonly used galvanized steel gratings

Steel grating is the most commonly used type, and it is widely used in products in various industrial fields. This series of steel gratings has a load-bearing flat steel center interval of 30mm, which conforms to the specifications and rules. In the entire series of steel gratings, it has the strongest external impact Of resilience. It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and dock platforms, walkways and drainage ditch covers, stair steps, etc.

Among them, the toothed steel grating can be used in the wet and slippery center, and is especially suitable for offshore oil production platforms. (Pitch 40mm) Steel grating is the most economical and most cumbersome, fixed platform, walkway and staircase that conforms to the norms and regulations. It is the most ideal product in places with small spans. Even under the load of transportation equipment aisles, it can also be used to make warehouse shelves, pavilion panels, trestle bridges, protective fences, sun blinds, etc.

(Pitch 60mm) Steel grating is a type specially developed for mining industry applications. It solves the problem of mineral splashing on the surface of the board. This series of steel gratings has a nominal size of 50*60mm through space, allowing most of the splashing and falling materials to pass through, thus ensuring the cleanness and safety of the board. This product is often designated for use in the board of the crushing system. , The aisles on the transportation line, ball mills, processing plants and operation stations, etc.

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