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How To Install Steel Grating

As a Steel Grating Manufacturer, share with you.
There are two installation methods for the installation of steel grating: using installation clips and direct welding.
1.The installation clamp is used to clamp the steel grille with the upper and lower pieces of the installation clamp, and fix it with bolts. The bolt specification is M8. Each steel grating needs to be fixed at least 4 places.
2.Use welding to fix the steel grating on the support. It is recommended for all steel gratings that need to be permanently fixed. The welding position is the four corners of the steel grid, 100mm to 150mm away from the widthwise side of the steel grid. Each support spanned by the steel grid is placed on the middle of the steel grid. The welding height should be about 5mm and the welding length should not be less than 20mm. Heavy-duty steel gratings may require more welding to meet actual needs.
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